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we stop and start to breathe again

i haven't been around much, and when i am, i barely comment. there's been lots of things going on, the good outweighing the bad, and for this i am truly grateful. it's the little blessings that keep me going — friends and family are love.

in the next few days i'll update about my life in the last few weeks, the good and the bad, and the fun and the sad.

i've been meaning to do this for a while because i know i suck at being around lately. let this be a friends cut in reverse: if you feel like you should remove me from your flist for any reason, you should go ahead and do it. it makes me sad that things had to come to this, but i'll understand, and there will be no hard feelings.

i've been pondering quite a bit lately, and idk lol. must be rainy weather.

coming soon: photos and stories of my new short, red hair, and of limdo_luciel's stay here in manila.
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