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[tutorial] how to use an lj-cut

This is a step-by-step guide to using LJ cuts.

UPDATE (2/17/2016): LJ updated its interface, and the "Rich Text" tab is now called the "Visual Editor" tab. Despite the interface and name change, the steps in this guide still applies. I will not be updating the tutorial itself, since it's still pretty much the same.

* Most people do their posts in the "Rich Text" "Visual Editor" tab.

1. When posting an entry, go to the "HTML" tab.

2. When the tab is in a darker, bolder font, it means it is active.

3. This is the way to make an LJ cut using HTML codes. Make sure that you use <lj-cut> in the beginning, and </lj-cut> at the end of the area you want to put under a cut.

4. This is how an area under an LJ cut looks like in the "Rich Text" view.

5. This is how an LJ cut looks like after you have saved the entry. This uses the default LJ cut text "Read more.."

6. You can actually write your own title/text that will appear on the LJ cut by using this code.

7. This is how a personalized LJ cut looks like after you have saved the entry.

I hope this helped.
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